Every vehicle needs window tint

window tint

Every vehicle needs it.  It protects you and your vehicles interior.  Plus you get the added bonus of heat index reduction!

It also enhances your vehicles appearance.


Screen out more than 99% of the UVA and UVB without reducing visibility.



Insulates windows in all seasons



all window tint films come with a lifetime warranty

Summer Heat

Window Tinting

The summer heat is here in the Carolina’s!  And we all spend time in are vehicles and it is HOT!!!  How are you going to beat the high temps this summer???  With a UV protecting and heat index blocking WINDOW TINT!

Block 98% of those UV rays and at least 63% of the heat index!

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Those hot and sunny summer days are upon us!  Being outside and feeling the sun and warmth is great after being inside all winter, but enough is enough!  Don’t get left outside to burn even when you are in with WINDOW TINTING by the pros at Automotive Addictions!   With 17 years serving the Carolina’s, the crew at Automotive Addictions has the know how and skills to get your windows covered with hight quality window film so you are coved from the heat and dangerous UV rays as well.  Automotive window film can block up to 98% of the UV rays from the sun and 63% of the heat index.  That means you, your pets, and your car do not have to work as hard to stay cool and beet the heat!

Don’t trust one of your most valuable assets to just anyone.  Let the pros at Automotive Addictions customize your ride with lifetime warranty backed window film today.

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Automotive Headliner

Headliner repair

Automotive Addictions can repair your headliner if it has minor damage such as cigarette burns and or certain stains.  Replacing the headliner can be costly, so why not just have the damage repaired for a small percentage of what replacement would be with the reconditioning team at Automotive Addictions!

Headliner replacement

If the damage to your automotive headliner is beyond repair, Automotive Addictions will replace your headliner!  Perhaps you want to change up your vehicles interior look with a different color headliner or maybe even a different material.  Automotive Addictions has you covered! 

Automotive Addictions has you covered when it comes to your vehicles headliner needs


torn and sagging headliner

torn and sagging headliner

recovering headliner

recovering headliner

new headliner installed

new headliner installed


Automotive Addictions Vehicle Towing

Custom vehicles need special attention and care when towing.  Whether your vehicle is lowered or lifted Automotive Addictions team of specialist can get your custom ride safely from one location to another!  Don’t just let some random tow truck with just anyone operating the controls hook your vehicle.  Go with the PROS for your custom towing needs!


towing custom truck

towing custom truck


Specialty Towing

Automotive Addictions does more than safely towing custom vehicles.  Our crew can transport just about anything that will fit on a truck or trailer!   Shipping containers, not a problem!  Tiny Houses, we got you covered!  If we can get it on our truck or trailer Automotive Addictions will transport your goods for you!  Local or Long distance, we will go the extra mile!

superduty on rollback

superduty on rollback

delivering shipping containers

delivering shipping containers

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Cigarette burns on your seat or carpet?

Tired of getting into your vehicle and being reminded of that cigarette you dropped on the carpet or of that time the ashes fell in between your legs and burned that hole in the middle of the seat? 

call automotive Addictions for a free no obligation quote on reconditioning your automotive interior today!


We can make the cigarette burns in the carpet and seat disappear!  Plus cigarette burns in the plastic trim panels can be repaired by the crew at automotive ADDICTIONSEven repair tears or remove stains from your vehicles interior.  No job is to big or to small.

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automotive addictions

We are so fortunate to have proudly served Cabarrus county and its surrounding areas in the automotive customizing industry for over 16 years and continue to provide quality service and ingenuity in design to the automotive aftermarket community. 


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